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    Jan 2, 2009
    We introduced a new hen to our flock of 3 about a month ago, they were on her from the start but gradualy they seemed to get along,
    (we have no roosters), one of them started to lay our first eggs
    (a first for all), I went out to check on them yesyerday morning & found the new hen lying dead in the run, she was very healthy before this.
    My question is, could the other hens have killed her?
    how do I introduce another hen into the flock w/out causing such a ruckus? any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Butters.
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    Jun 21, 2007
    i could be that she died of something else like a egg bound problem or something i had a chicken die of apparently nothing but they just don't show signs sometimes sorry for your loss
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    Were there any physical signs?

    Ed. to add ~ adding hens to an existing flock can be tricky. I would do the following:

    - ensure there is sufficient space before considering a new addition
    - add at least two birds at a time
    - add items to the pen (if penned) to give newcomers places to hide or perch
    - set up at least one extra food and water station far from the main one, and ensure newcomers are eating and drinking
    - quarantine new birds
    - allow birds to see one another for at least an hour or so before releasing new birds to flock
    - add birds late in the day
    - offer birds plenty of snacks or toys to occupy them during the day
    - allow some scuffling, but monitor violence closely so it does not escalate

    Others might have more to add or amend. Good luck!
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