Hen Pecking rooster


Dec 19, 2017
We recently added a 4 month old rooster with our 2 year old hen 3 weeks ago (both japanese bantams) and he got along well with our hen.
However, today we noticed he was squinting his left eye and eventually caught our hen pecking his face. At first we thought she was just picking something off him as he had been digging in the grass and had grass all over him then we noticed she was pecking his eye and biting his tail feathers and back.
Ever since they've been together everywhere she went he went, everywhere he went she went. They're inseparable but this pecking is getting abit out of hand.

Is this a normal thing? or is there an issue going on with the pecking order? Our hen is acting broody at the moment so could this be the reason?
We've separated them already, what should we do going forward?
Question; what is the composition of your flock??? Are these the only chickens you have? (2)
Just because the new chicken is a cockerel, does not exempt him from the pecking order. I would keep them separated a while, and see how they interact afterwards. Best way would be in same area, separated by a barrier, like screen or netting, so its,,, see but cant touch.
Make sure that your cockerel does not have any open wounds. That sometimes drives chickens into a frenzy and they would hurt him even more.
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
Like I mentioned above,,,,, keep them separated a while,,,, and then see how they interact together again:)
I had a Japanese bantam some time ago. Do yours look like this.

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