Hen pretty beat up!!

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    May 1, 2011
    So we orginally started out with 15 hens, over the course of 3 years, a few died from predators others by getting hit by cars etc, well we had 3 left this spring so we got 15 new chickens, the big ones did not take to the little ones they will free range but not roost even remotely close to each other, we ended up getting a rooster in with the chicks, and i have seen this said rooster chasing this hen a few times till i chase him away( he doesnt chase the other hens at all he does his little mating dance if they wanna mate he will if not he walks away), well the hen looks really rough, missing feathers around her vent, cuts and scabs deep under her wing, missing feathers on her back, do you think this could be from the rooster, if so how is he cutting her open so bad, he has no spurs, never seen him rought with the other girls. Any thoughts?
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    Could just be an aggressive mater, in which case you might want to check out 'saddles' for your flock. If he's too aggressive (I can accept loss of feathers), you might want to consider re-homing him or sending him to freezer camp.
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    Quote:What I do in this case..if theres any blood I use vegetable oil to cover up the blood smell...doesnt treat it or prevent infection but it deteers (cant spell) from pecking at it...I rub my ladies backs with vaseline and on their head to prevent scabbing, infection and loss of feathers..I find it works. An aggresive rooster generally means freezer camp but I try my best not too. My head rooster who I name Charlie is rough with my ladies but backed off one I locked him up with a couple hens..he calmed down. A hen wont give into a rooster if shes already been bred. Are your hens fighting at all over dominance? If so find the fighters and seperate. I have 2 hens locked up right now, they just cant seem to settle their differences!

    Also if he is young hes probably full of hormones which in this case locking him up seperatly might do the trick til his hormones settle down a bit. They mature with age....and the hens just may tune him in once they get a bit older. I have one hen who absolutely refuses to allow my one rooster on her and she lets him know it to...she fights and wins all the time!
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    A rooster can tear skin open with his toenails easily - I use a Dremel tool to round the rooster's nails so they are not as sharp. You may want to separate the gal who is injured. She will surely get infection from her wounds.
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    Maybe you should get a hen saddle? It will protect her back from him [​IMG]
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    Quote:If she does get an infection, there is a product that you can get at most feed stores that I highly recommend - it's called Vetericyn. It coats the wound, creating a barrier to further dirt and germs while encouraging oxygen to the wound to help it heal. It's good for everything from rain rot to burns. It even kills staph (MRSA) and e.coli. Not cheap but a bottle goes a long way. We've used it on the chickens, dogs and cats. Heals the chicken up faster so they can go back to their flock faster.
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    Great info has already been given. Hope the injured gal will be better soon.
    I would just add that having only 3 of 15 original hens left after 3 years (if I understood correctly) is a really high loss rate. If this is troubling.... folks here would be glad to help with ways to prevent such big losses from here forward.

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