hen raise chicks in winter?

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    Is it safe to let your hens raise chicks in the winter time? I have 3 potential broody chickens- silkies and cochins, and one male silkie, and i am wondering if one of them decides to go broody over the winter, is it safe to let her sit on a few eggs and let her hatch them/ raise the chicks? I would think it would be a bit too cold in winter but i could be wrong, we have an insulated coop and lock them in their coop at night, and open it up during the say to go in their covered run. there is no additional heating except for their waterers to prevent freezing. Is momma hen warm enough to raise the babies and herself safely? i dont want to try and find chicks frozen to death :(

    stories and advice would be great!!!!

    also if it is not safe... how do i stop my hens from being broody if they decide that want to be!

    thanks :)
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    Break a Broody Thread

    There is a risk anytime you hatch eggs, whether letting a broody hatch them and raise them in the middle of summer or if you use an incubator and a brooder. I’ve never had a hen go broody in the winter but if one did, I’d give her eggs to hatch.

    I don’t know how rough your winters are but there are photos on this forum of broodies out in the show with their chicks. Yes, it is harder for the broody to raise them in cold weather. I sure can’t give you any guarantees that they would be OK but I’d take that chance.
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    I have a hen trying to hatch three golf balls right now......I decided to not give her eggs for this go around. Our winters get pretty nasty. People have said she would be fine, but I just didn't want to risk it. This spring she can hatch all she wants though! :)

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