Hen regulations in greater twin cities area of MN

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    We're comtemplating a move to the twin cities area and wan to bring our hens with us. We currently have 5 hens and a Wichita Cabin type coop. The coop's roofline is 7' tall in front and 5' tall in back. I've been looking at different city ordinances, but thought it might just be easier to ask here. Based on our coop height and number of hens, what cities could we move to? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    I'm not sure, but think I read about St. Paul having some stiff rules:idunno. Other adjacent towns will have their own regulations. I would suggest that you post your request on the Minnesota state thread.
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    I live in Minneapolis proper and just got chicks two weeks ago. How I understand the regulations is that you can have up to 6 hens without a problem, more than that and you need written consent from your neighbors. There's an annual permit fee of $25 and you have to show the city your coop plans and they have to approve them prior to building. My guess would be that you move, send in your request, and set up your space. There are so many backyard chickens in Minneapolis, I don't see any of that being a problem.
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