Hen/Rooster minimum ratio?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by CajunChickenGuy, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    I've been trying to find the minimum # of hens per rooster ratio. Most of the info that I find gives the rule of thumb to be 10 hens per rooster. My 15 EE's were purchased as a straight run, so I'm going to hope for 6-8 hens. I have 2 coops that both have their own run (divided by chain link fencing). My plan is to keep one roo in each coop with 3-4 hens.

    Should I study the behavior of each roo and try to keep 2 docile ones? Or will even the most docile roo put too much "stress" on the girls with only having 3-4 hens to himself? Any advice/input/criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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    I often keep breeder as pairs or trios, so I'd say the minimum is 1 hen per roo. If they are raised together, I bet you could have 4 or 5 roos and a single hen without bloodshed.

    So your plan sounds fine to me.
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    It varies too much to give a simple answer.

    Some roosters are shag beasts, those need way more hens or the hens will suffer or get scruffy from too much rooster attention. Those are the reason for 10 hen minimum you see so much.

    Some roosters are not like that. One hen would be fine and she will be in perfect condition. No harm in giving those roosters more hens.

    Many are some where in between. Then there are things like some are shag beasts- taking down a hen against her will just about every minute when young and calm down into the latter when mature.
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    With that hypothetical ratio even without bloodshed among the males you would have the concern of-the overbreeding and impacts of such of the one poor hen.
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