Hen/Rooster ratio?


Nov 24, 2019
North Texas
Hey guys!

I have a total of 14 birds, I believe 2 of the young birds might be roosters, which leaves 12 hens. There is a large free range area for them, approximately .25 acres fenced in. I am wondering if I could get by with 2 roosters for that size flock?
It depends on each individual's behavior and breed. What breed are yours?
Ideal ratio is 10:1. Higher number of hens with bantams. However, I've kept one rooster with one hen all the way up to 20:1. It depends on your situation.
More thank likely one will need to be rehomed or culled. Roosters just simply do not get along most of the time - everything could be fine one minute and a bloodbath the next. Does not matter that they were raised together, and the hen to rooster ratio doesn’t mean squat bc they will still want to fight over certain hens and just territory alone. Of course all circumstances are a little different but this is the norm. I wouldn’t get too attached to at least one of them; actually, I wouldn’t get attached at all bc roosters change once they hit sexual maturity. Some people have sweet roosters that are never aggressive but again it’s circumstantial and not the norm. Just want you to be prepared - if you can’t rehome one be prepared to have two separate enclosures / flocks. It will be a giant pain in the ass.
Rehoming isn't really realistic as I'm in the country so it would likely be culled. We would just keep which ever rooster has the better temperament.
Suspected roosters: Easter Eggers
1 silver laced wyandotte
1 barred rock
1 golden sexlink
1 Rhode island red
3 barnevelders
2 australorps
3 easter egger hens
You’ll have to play it by ear; just watch them carefully when they start to mature. They will start to fight when you’re least expecting it. It’s a good idea to have a separate enclosure and coop ready to go when that day comes. I would def keep whatever rooster has the better temperament and is the gentlest with the hens.
Fwiw I ran across a very informative thread(article?) On rooster research.....
I'm stuck with 5 Roo's and down to 10 hens in the main group. 2 of the Roo's are in a batchelor pad. All 15 were hatchlings & grew up together. They are 20-ish months old.
I have been filtering supervised and batchelor pad and a little unsupervised visits over the last several months.... I finally have 3 Roo's as a reasonable semi-team for the hens.

The other batch... The silkies... That's still a hot mess on the other hand.
When I want to keep several roosters into adulthood, I find it works much better to separate males from females by 3 to 4 months of age. The earlier the better. Then give both groups separate housing and fencing. The pullets can free range and I sometimes keep a rooster with that flock. But when the pullets aren't visible or nearby, the bachelor pad is pretty peaceful.
Those breeds are pretty good in a group setting and in mixed flocks.
What are your goals for having the males?
If it's fertile eggs, the 1 male should be fine for 12 females.
My goal is basically law & order (DUN DUN) and ferritization. I think one Rooster is plenty but I was hoping that the other potential rooster wouldn't have to be dispatched if I could help it. Where I live out in the country people dump their unwanted roosters so rehoming him wouldn't really be a possibility.

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