Hen scalped by dog. (Graphic pics) Is Derma Gel OK?


9 Years
Mar 28, 2010
My hen was grabbed by a dog and has a good size chink of skin missing from her neck. She doesn't appear at this point to have any internal injuries, but time will tell.
I'm going to give her antibiotics, Soluble vitamins, and some pain meds. I'll irrigate the wounds with saline, but I'm worried about the back of her neck. The musculature is exposed, and I'm not sure what happens if it dries out. I have some stuff for my horse that is "an isotonic hydrogel indicated for intensive skin care... provides a barrier to moisturize and to protect against foreign contaminants (moist environment = protective film effect)"
What do you all think? Anyone used this before?
Here's a list of ingredients:
Purified Water, Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbus (Pyrus sorbus) Extr., Glycerin, Hydrocotyle (Centella Asiatica) Extr., Calendula officianalis Extr., Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carbomer, Sweet Marjoram Extr., Lavendar Oil, Thyme Extr, Sage Extr.

I also have Vetericyn VF Spray, but the Derma Gel sounds less likely to irritate.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
I think I would slather the wound with the gel and watch her for blow fies. Probably not a problem for you this time of year. Keep her away from the other birds until she heals. This is nowhere near as bad as some I have seen and all recovered nicely........Pop
I would lather the wound in Neosporin! I use it any time I have an open would on an animal and it works like a charm. Keep her in a quiet spot(away from any flies) and just give her plenty of fluids and food. I would also give her some antibiotics if you have any. Tylan, Liquamycin, Aureomycin, just to name a few. Good luck!!!
Thanks guys! I have also seen some pretty gruesome looking wounds heal very nicely, but most of the time the "holes" in the flesh were smaller and able to come together eventually. This looks like it needs a skin graft!
The only Neosporin I have has pain reliever in it. I am pretty sure the derma gel is OK, so I will try that and pick up some Neosporin tomorrow.
I forgot to ask about bandageing? The Derma Gel is actually meant to be used without one, so I think for now I will wait & see.
Thanks for your quick responses!

~Terry & Fiona
Just be careful with the pain relief nothing with caine in it, deadly for chickens.. and sounds like the gel to me.. she'll be fine.. who's dog?
Unfortunately MY dog

No idea what happened, husband was home and caught the pooch in the act! Totally a surprise, as the dogs and chickens have lived in peace together for over a year now!
Actually this dog takes the LEAST notice of the chickens usually.
I had a dog that has taken big chunks out of 4 of my girls. One was a large neck wound. I seperated her from the others in my garage in a dog kennel. I used a little neosporin and she healed right up. I was told about a spray that youo can get from a vet or feed store they called "the blue spray". I guess if you ask for the blue spray the vet will know what you are talking about. Coming to Back yard chicken has always been the right choice for me. Good luck. We all love our girls.
Brought Fiona to work with me today, thinking I needed to put her down. She couldn't eat or drink this morning, and I just can't watch her suffer. One of the vets I work with gave her some fluids and a shot of antibiotics, and we'll try the same tomorrow. She's not eating much I think because she's so painful moving her neck, and then has trouble swallowing, so I gave her a little Exact Hand feeding mash and will see what tomorrow brings. She has an appetite, which I think is a good sign, and the doc assured me she won't starve in a day or two, so we're going to give her a little time. I have found they are pretty hardy little creatures, and some pretty ugly looking injuries can heal quite well with a little TLC.
Let's all hope that's the case for my poor girl.
Thanks much.

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