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    My hen Bevis started to shake her head yesterday,She is a red sexlink 2.6 years old.I do not think she is laying now. I checked for parasites found nothing but dusted her.I can tell something is really bothering her she is not her greedy self.No other signs of any thing else.If she would have a bug in her ear,how would i know? Has any one used the kitten pyrethrin on hens with good results? thx
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    I don't know about the kitten pyrethrin.... Have you ever wormed her? Have you wormed the flock? When, how, with what, repeated?

    I think ... and, I only think (don't know for sure)... it seems that they shake their head when they have a "runny nose"? Check to see if you see any wet around her nostrils.

    Worms can cause a multitude of symptoms, all kinds of things. If you haven't, you might want to worm the flock. Individually, orally, with Valbazen, twice.. you can get all the info you need on these worming and giving oral medications by searching here on BYC.

    Good info from dawg53... maybe search "runny nose"... "head shaking"... "Worming with Valbazen"... "Giving oral medications".

    I think the Sevin Dust is best for external parasites... clean coop, roosts, nesting boxes, add a little sprinkle of Sevin dust to each of those as well. Now and then for prevention or treatment. If you actually see mites or lice, then treat and repeat in ten days.

    Good luck.
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    Search also for "ear infection". They can get those too!

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