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    Millicent, poor girl, is the most-mounted hen in the flock. And her back and the back of her head and neck show it. Now that the two Silver Sebright roos are old enough, they chase her down as often as they can when Carl is not present. Carl also mounts her more regularly than the other ladies.

    When I see Carl mounting her, I push him off. If I see either (or both - those nasty little Sebright boys TAG-TEAM her!) Sebrights on her, I grab 'em right by the neck and toss 'em. Millicent has taken to running straight for me when the boys get near her.

    Some time ago, I purchased some hen "saddles" and/or "shawls" but never really tried any of 'em on her. This afternoon I picked one I really liked, with some lace around the edges and a nice chicken print, and put it on her.

    She suffered the fitting reasonably well. But when she jumped down out of my lap, the shawl flapped up and scared the heck out of her. I did manage to get a photo of her before I relented and rescued her from the shawl.

    I think I need a heavier material and a slimmer shawl for her, as she's a Golden Lakenvelder and not as chunky as the rest of the flock, other than her sister Minerva. (Minerva is NOT as "attractive" to the boys, or is faster in escaping them, or something. She's not suffering hardly any feather loss.)

    Any suggestions for me or Millicent??
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    i use the ones from hensaver, they are a heavier, stiffer material. i use them with the removable wing protectors. not as pretty as your lace trimmed one but no flapping to scare them. They also hold up well through washing and large rooster use. They answered my questions regarding fit and shipped them very quickly.
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    Poor girl! Love hurts... [​IMG] I see that Sebright in the background has an eye on her in the picture as well! Naughty little boys.

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