Hen sick one eye shut/rolls head around/won't eat/drink on her own


7 Years
Jun 2, 2012
My hen a few days ago had both her eyes closed and was breathing raspy- I immediately seperated her. I let her be on her own and gave her water. The next day, the breathing became normal and her other eye stayed open. She won't eat/drink on her own, but If I dip her break she will. I held some grapes and corn up tp her and she took little bites, but it seems like she cannot lower her head and when she tried to, it rolls around. *one eye will not stay open* She stays in one spot and walks around only very little. She has no blood/pus/weeping, etc. that I can see. Also, when I tried to move her a few times she flailed her head dound in circles like a small seizure or something. I brought her outside to sit in the grass, and a few times she flew up in the air very quickly and flailed her wings. She is going to the bathroom looks normal. I. I want to help her but I can't keep her on my porch, at some point I have to move her but if she is sick I don't want to infect the others. The only thing I can think of now is using an old shed for her to live in on her own-but I need to put a fence netting up so nothing gets her? Any ideas THANKS

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