hen sick with red swollen spots


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Jul 21, 2009
Hopefully, someone can help. Our hen was mated with excessively by our roo, breaking her feathers off; so we removed her. Then, on her back at the root of the feathers started a red and swelling bump. Now, she has 4 of these swollen areas situated on her skin at the root of the feather. They are getting bigger.

She is not improving. We dunked her in sulfer to kill mites, but that's all we have done so far. She's not lethargic, but she looks aweful.

Any ideas?

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I don't know how to post pictures. Should I dunk in sulfer again? That has worked tremendously well for mites in the past.
It could be an infection. I have antibiotics, but I hesitate to give that unless I'm sure.
I'm not familiar will using sulfur to treat mites. I know it is good in paste form for fungus infections, but Sevin dust is what I would use. Can you pick them up and inspect under their vents and all over to check for mites? Some mites only come out after dark, and hide in cracks in the coop. You could mix a paste of sulfur and vaseline or pine tar and use it on the red spots. That is what Nustock is, and it works great to heal raw areas. Some BluKote spray may be good to help prevent any pecking of the bare spots.

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