hen sitting

You can do it without taking them off the nest. Just reach in under them. If you're worried about getting pecked, wear gloves and long sleeves - maybe a sweatshirt or jacket.
Ok and by me taking them away to put fertile ones there it won't make them stop sitting.

Nope...an egg is an egg is an egg
Just like the other poster said, do it at night, If I need to do anything with my chickens I wait til they are good and settled, around 10 or 10:30 pm
Also, a good broody will sit on one egg like its a nest of gold, you do not have to replace egg for egg, thankfully Hens cannot count, so if they are sitting so good I would just reach in take what she has and then put the fertile ones under her, then move on to hen #2 but make sure you get all the infertile eggs, I had my husband lift Momma off the nest and hold her to make sure I got them all.

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