Hen sleeps outside the coop

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    May 1, 2011
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    I have 17 chickens, 16 hens and one rooster. A feral cat showed up and frightened the birds a bit. The rooster 'explained' to the cat why it shouldn't come around. I went down and chased the cat out of the yard (the rooster had it cornered). Since then I have had one chicken that sleeps outside coop and the fenced in area. I am not sure where. I caught her yesterday and put her back inside the fence. The rooster attacked her and pulled some feathers out. Today the hen was out again (not sure how she is getting out) and I put her back in. The rooster did not bother her today.

    My questions are these:
    1 - Is the roosters 'estrangement' over? Will I take today's behavior to indicate that everything is now okay among the chickens.
    2 - How do I keep the hen from seeking a 'safer' place then the coop to sleep at night?

    All help will be appreciated.
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    If possible, you could place her in an small cage inside the coop for some time 3-7 days. See if that helps. ?

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