Hen Squawking Loudly In the Evening/Night?


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Jul 2, 2021
I have 4 hens that are 20 weeks old, and they started laying eggs on the 25th of September. When they laid their first few eggs, all of them would frequently make a loud squawking sound, and I figured it was because egg-laying was new and they didn't know where to go or what to do. They have the nesting box all figured out now, and only squawk when impatiently waiting for another hen to get out of the nest box.

One hen tends to make the same "I want to lay an egg" squawking sound in the night, despite having laid an egg earlier in the day. So I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why she would be making such a fuss so late? I can't think of a reason she would be uncomfortable.
Feb 1, 2021
That's very strange. The loud squaking is the egg song. Chickens celebrate their eggs and sometimes others will join in. It could just be that she sees the eggs and thinks ooooh let's party! 🤣


Jun 22, 2021
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One of my pullets regularly does the "egg song" when she sees something scary, even though she has yet to actually lay an egg (soon though probably). Her eyesight isn't too good on one side so it doesn't take much to set her off - can be something as trivial as a grocery bag blowing in the wind or something more predator-like, such as a stray cat wondering past in the distance. My understanding is the call is for bringing attention to something, egg or otherwise. It works in my chicken's case because it summons either my husband or me and I deal with whatever the issue is. Is it possible you've got one doing the same thing mine does? Maybe something could be spooking your chicken in the night, like a predator or other nocturnal animal rustling around?


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May 11, 2010
Sometimes those youngsters scream about anything. Eggsong, alarm call, can't-remember-where-to-roost call, scared-of-the-dark-call, etc. I have a Sapphire Gem who carries on every night, She never outgrew it, so who knows? Her sister can't remember how to go to roost at night so maybe she's calling to her. Who knows? I do know this breed seems to have a few brain cells circling the drain. :lol:


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Jul 2, 2021
Thank you for your replies, everyone! And sorry for being so late, I've been busy and not on the computer much at all.

The hen in particular seems to have calmed down on the squawking, but she still does it from time to time. I'm adding a video of the noise for reference, because I don't think It's the egg call. I was under the impression the egg call sounded like "buh-buh-buh-buh-gok!" instead of literally screeching.

(In the vid she was just looking to lay her egg, so I understand why she's being so loud.) But I can't understand it in the nighttime. She is very young, so perhaps she is just being loud over nothing. I'm keeping my eyes out for mites, but haven't spotted any yet!


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