Hen staying in box won’t lead chicks out 2 days

Sage & Onion

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Jul 11, 2017
Hen won’t lead 18 chicks out to feed n drink She’s staying on nest days Chicks might starve or die of thirst if she doesn’t lead them out I pull her out and she just goes back again.
It’s early spring 11 degrees Do I take them inside to heat lamp and leave her ?
Jul 15, 2020
Washington State 8a/8b
Is she in an enclosed area with the chicks and nest box? If not set her up one and provide food & water not In the nest box but Really close! I believe chicks are good for 72 hours? It may be 48 but nonetheless make sure there's food and water in a secure area around their nest box, so they can't get out and nobody else can get in! :D

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