Hen stopped laying Now what to expect?

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    My hen is a Black Australorp mix(heinz 57) She's 1 year old, and hatched out a clutch of 4 this past April. That was the first time she stopped laying. Once her chicks grew independant, she started to lay infrequently. She never got back to the egg- a- day habit. Then a coon attacked their hutch. It's been a month & not one egg from this hen! Not even in the new coop.

    We're wondering if we add on a set of nest boxes to trhe coop, will that help jump-start this hen to egg laying once again? Yes, we give layer mash. Could it be she's mad at the roo, & needs a nest box to hide in & feel safe & secure? I keep telling my hubby we need to buy another hen or two LAYING HENS!
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    At a year she may be molting so give her a month or so and she'll start laying again although the number of eggs will diminish the size will increase.

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