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    My 18 month old Arucana, Flossie, went through her molt and started laying again, but hasn't laid an egg in over a week. She seems just fine, eating, pooping, scratching. I have 14 hens and a rooster of different breeds and they all seem quite healthy and happy. They free range most of the day with access to the food and water all the time. My husband said he saw Flossie in one of the nesting boxes earlier today. When I went out I found a brown egg and a shell- less egg. Flossie lays blue eggs. The shell-less one might have been hers. Is this a normal occurrence, to be laying and then to stop? Is there something I should be watching out for with her?

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    I know it happens in new layers, but I don't know about after molting... anyone?
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    Flossie may just be reacting to the amount of light we don't have at this time of year. That could explain not getting back into the laying cycle quite yet.

    Shell-less eggs sometimes show up for no good reason. I'm assuming that your hens have sufficient calcium in their feed or have oyster shells, free choice. If the eggs do not have enuf time in the uterus, shells will not fully develop. Stress can be a cause.

    I don't think you should be very concerned just yet. One thing, Flossie's breed isn't one for high-production so she's probably not as susceptible to some of the egg-laying disorders.

    . . . just my 2 cents.

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    I do think it is the time of year, especially with all the wacky weather across the nation, those birds little bodies have to be in some state of shock. I have an EE that hasn't laid in almost 3 months.

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