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Oct 14, 2009
I have a young hen that started laying beautiful blue-green eggs about two months ago, then suddenly stopped. I have nine hens, all of age, but I'm only getting four eggs a day. All of mine are in the Hen's Union (Local 9) and their contract says they should be laying about an egg a day each by now. I'd hate to call a lawyer on them. Anybody have an idea?


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Nov 27, 2008
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The lawyer would do no good because you forgot to read the fine print in the union contract!! The fine print states that weather can affect their egg laying,especially if it gets cold ie...(act of God), sound familiar? Also, they are allowed to go on strike if they havnt been wormed properly, that's your part in the contract. They are also guaranteed fresh feed and water in order to produce eggs. You are the QA/Safety Inspector as stated in the union by laws, have you inspected them for mites/lice? If not,you are derelict in the performance of your duties and can be fired by union officials. I'd suggest you get a magnifying glass and check for lice/mites and read the fine print in the Hens Union (local 9) very carefully.


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May 18, 2009
I have an Americauna that usually lays a large greenish blue egg every day, but for the last several days (4 or 5) ... nothing. Then, today she gave me the WEIRDEST shaped egg. It was really pointy and skinny. The yolk was normal sized, but the egg was crazy shaped. Tasted good. We noticed the light in the coop had burned out, so maybe that's it. We live in East Texas and it got cold a couple weeks ago, but not much past 28 degrees. It's been in the 40s for the last several days. What do you think this could be? Could it be because of the burned out light?


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Sep 9, 2009
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Give her a good going over for parasites and check to see if she's egg bound. That's the bad stuff, but she might just be taking a short break or could be hiding a nest. If they don't freerange check the nest boxes really well. I have a couple of hens and one duck that like to bury their eggs under the hay and/or shavings that I have in the nest boxes. They do a very good job and if I don't sift thru the boxes I miss eggs. I wouldn't worry too much about it if she's acting normaly otherwise.

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