Hen suddenly went blind

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    This evening my wife let our chickens out of the run for some exercise and noticed one of the hens did not come out. She went into the coop and brought her outside. The hen didn't move. Upon inspection my wife noticed the hen did not react to movement and had no fear of my wife's hand being near her face. We contained her and gave her some yogurt. She gobbled down the yogurt, but when we took the food away she continued to peck at the spot. The hen appears to be blind. this hen is a Golden Comet about two and half years old. Other than being blind and hungry, she appears to be fine. We will keep her contained tonight and check her again tomorrow.

    Does anyone know what might have caused her to go blind? If so, is there anything we can do for her?

    Thank you in advance, Goshen.

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    HI Goshen,
    I too had a hen that blind for no reason. I found her the same you you did, and she didn't seem to have any fear of me being close. I never did figure out what happen to make her blind (in one eye) although it did look like she had a cataract on it. It took her a few weeks to become comfortable in the coup with the other hens (which were mean to her) at first but she soon didn't let them bother her and she started to eat on her own again about a week after I found her. Chickens are a very tough bird. They seem to overcome most anything that comes there way. [​IMG] Hopefully with a little tender love and care she will be able to eat on her own. If she is blind in both eyes you may want to keep her in a seperate pen but a pen that is very close to the others or give her a friend to be with. They don't like to be alone, then always need to have another hen with them. I had my wonderful girl for about 7 years before she passed due to getting old i guess. Just found her gone one day. [​IMG] RIP Blindy (my daughter named her). GOOD LUCK with your hen and don't give up on her as she may suprise you and be perfectly fine once adjusted.

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