hen suddenly went listless earlier today, now panting

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    Feb 23, 2013
    One of our lorps was acting fine this morning, and then just laid down on the ground. I saw her do this, as I was outside calling them, and she can running towards me, and then started walking, and then just sat down. Her tail was twitching in rhythmic fashion, so I figured she was having some trouble passing an egg. I put her in the coop in a nesting box, which she promptly jumped out of and went back to laying on the ground. I decided to give her a few hours to see if she laid the egg, but she didn't.

    Around an hour ago I saw that she was panting, so I figured she might be egg bound. I couldn't feel an egg from an external exam, so I stuck a gloved lubed finger in her cloaca and couldn't feel an egg. I was all the way up to my knuckle and nothing. But, her cloaca was opening and closing rhythmically, but not constantly, when I flipped her over and pulled feathers out of the way, which I understand is sometimes what hens will do when egg bound.

    As soon as I sat her down, she immediately laid down again. She's panting, even though it's not hot. Her comb and face color are still bright red. I can't find any obvious wounds or trauma on a physical exam. I'm not sure what else to check. She was fine this morning, and then did a 180. Since I can't find evidence of being egg bound (which was my guess from her rhythmic tail pumping) I'm not sure how to proceed.

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