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    I am kinda new at this and have had my 16 red star's for about a year and a half. I had a hen go broody about 6 months ago and I noticed no one liked her anymore. When she came out of the nest everyone attacked her (hen #1). So I let her set. In the mean time another hen went broody so I let her set ( Hen #2). Hen #1 had 1 baby. and a few weeks later hen #2 had 3 babies. I seperated hen #1 because everbody attacked her and her baby. No one messed with Hen #2 or her babies. Finally I decided just to try and intergrate #1 and her baby with the rest of the flock. I found the baby almost dead and she did die a day later. They still attack hen #1 and it seems everyone just hates her. She gets attacked by everyone costantly.
    I am not sure if this has anything to do with the dislike however, I have noticed she is the only hen that appears not to have a spot on the back of her head where the rooster grabs them when mateing. I am not sure they were her eggs anyway. I only have 1 rooster someone gave me that has been with the rest since they were a few months old. He is a black silky.
    I joined the forum in hopes someone can help me solve the mystery why no one likes this hen. Thanks for any suggestions or advise.
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    First of all, [​IMG] this is a great site and a bit addicting. However I can not answer your question. Hopefully someone else will be able to help. Sorry.
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    i am new at this too, but i was wondering, what breed is the hen that is picked on? its possible she is a more passive breed- if it were me, i would separate her, possibly with another hen that is in the lower end of the pecking order- kind of so she has a buddy- and watch and see what they do- the other thought would be to keep her separate as a special pet, give her protection and become her roo as it were, since its possible they aren't letting her eat or drink much either....
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    Quote:Thanks so much for the information. I just ran through the article and it is good. gloria Jean

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