Hen that roos don't mate, roo won't let her eat

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    Mar 6, 2017
    Oddest thing. I have this healthy lavender orphington, she was born here at our place, so has lived here all her life. Several years old, I've always noted that no roos have ever, that I've seen, mated with her. Roos have come and gone, but I have one now who doesn't attack me, so he gets to stay. He, too, shows no interest in her. But he does with virtually all other hens. Then, in last couple days, as he's come into his own of leading the flock, he's started shoo-ing her away when I throw goodies, like seed treats. He'll spot her eating and chase her out of there, and it's always her, no one else. Though she is NOT low on the pecking order among other hens. I wonder: could he and other roo's tell she could be infertile? Sounds odd, but it would make sense, though she DOES lay eggs. Would love anyone's input?
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    I would assume there's something wrong in her behaviors that cause the rooster to shun her. Any bird that doesn't act right will be attacked in an attempt to drive it out. A biological adaptation that keeps only the fittest in the flock for breeding.

    Another thing that can happen is the territory contains too many chickens and the lower ranking members get attacked to drive them out to give more resources to the stronger birds and their offspring, whether they actually hatch or not.

    I would spend so time observing her to see if you notice anything. Something as simple as acting skiddish, or moving more slowly can be enough.

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