Hen throwing dead chick around

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    My broody hen’s first egg hatched. We did not see if the chick was alive or dead when it was born, but it was fully formed. We saw the chick when the mother hen picked it up and threw it out of the nesting box. At that point it was dead. She then picked it up and threw it around repeatedly.

    I’m thinking that somehow the chick died and that she was getting rid of it so that any other chicks that hatched wouldn’t be near it. What do you think? Have you ever had this happen?
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    Yes, it could be that. It could be that she is making sure it's dead? Hopefully you have better luck with your other chickadees hatching! :thumbsup
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    Some hens will kill their chicks. Not all know what they are, or what to do with them. I would remove anymore that hatch immediately after hatch and brood them myself. I would not let this hen hatch again.

    A good broody will just continue to sit on dead chicks. They don't throw anyone out.
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