Hen Throwing Her Head Around Like She Wants to Throw-up


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Sep 2, 2010
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Just a heads up if one of your darlings is displaying weird behavior......other than normally weird....

One of our RIR's was acting strangely. She wasn't moving around much, allowed me to pick her up without a bit of a squabble and was just staring, keeping herself isolated from the gang. Then she started to sort of convulse, twisting her neck funny...like she was trying to throw something up. Into the vet we went and it ended up that she had a gastro/intestinal issue. She actually WAS trying to throw up. At first they thought it was sour crop, but it ended up being a little more serious. Anti-biotics x2 and a dose of good bacteria has cleared up the symptoms and she is her normal, obnoxious self whom we love dearly.
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Glad that your RIR is better......

I wonder if there would be a way that this information could be listed by the symptoms--- because it would probably be helpful to other BYC members---but they probably wouldn't look under gastrointestinal virus--- but something like 'trying to throw up'--- which would be interesting.

I have heard of chickens dying as they throw their head back....and if my chicken was stretching her neck, I would wonder if she had a gape worm.

Your post could help a number of people, I'm sure...if only they could match to symptoms troubling their chicken...so thanks for posting.

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