Hen toenail is black

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    Aug 6, 2007
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    I have a hen who is holding her foot up and the middle toenail looks black, like its dead. I cant find any injury. The scales on that toe are a little rough. What would make the toenail turn black?

    This hen has been showing signs of illness, puffing up, liquid diarhea. I cant fins vet who will see her. I can't get a poo sample cause there are NO solids.
  2. Wow, that doesn't sound good. So sorry that i have nothing to offer in the way of experience or advice. i'm sure someone else will be along shortly who can help.
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    Usually a black body part means there's no blood supply and it's gonna fall off. If your bird is sick and has been for a while, she's gonna need a vet. If there's a Wildlife center near you, that might be helpful.
    Check the bottom of her "hurt" foot for a black spot.
    As for the diarrhea, you can still get a poop sample. Separate her from the other birds and put her on newspaper or papertowels, something absorbent until she poops.

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