Hen took 3 week old chicks!!!

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    Apr 2, 2007
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    A week ago a friend brought me 4 Americana peepers. Judging from thier feathering I figured they were 1.5 to 2 weeks old. I tried to get a hen to take them, but after going through all 4 of my broodies, I gave it up and left the heat lamp. Even tried the night time trick...they were all well and fine until morning.

    Well Thur night my heat lamp bulb died!! Knowing it was going to be dropping to 60 degrees in a few hours I was desparate. I grabbed a sleeping broody and stuck her on top of them, figuring that would atleast get me until the next day when I could get a new bulb. That next morning I went to check on them and Pebbles was still on the chicks but in a different place. I check on them alittle later she was sitting on them in yet another place.

    I watched them carefully for a few hours and relized the Pebbles way trying her hardest to play mamma, but the chicks were just plain clueless [​IMG]. It took all day of Pebbles trying, and me putting the chicks under thier new mamma, but they finally figured out what she was there for [​IMG]

    Just had to share... DH just doesnt understand LOL

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    Aww! Cute mental image! [​IMG] Maybe if you get a boy baby from the clutch you could name it BamBam! lol (Sorry, I just HAD to say it!) [​IMG]
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    Awww, thats a cute story...so glad she was able to get them to figure it out! They should be just fine now! Congrats!
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    Great story!! [​IMG]

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