Hen tucking tail/sitting/white mass below cloaca

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  1. darcibt

    darcibt Hatching

    Aug 3, 2013
    I have a silver laced wyandotte hen, "Bessie," who has been worrying me for a couple months. The only physical oddity is a fingernail sized dry whitish mass below her cloaca...it is hooked on. She appears to be eating and drinking. I have not noticed her laying at all, but I could be wrong there. Basically, she is tucking her tail and walking slowly, and sitting quite a bit wherever she happens to be. I brought her in for a bath and overall check a month ago and didn't find anything wrong. She is not egg bound, and her cloaca is a healthy pink color with no discharge. Overall, she is just acting strange with her tail tucking and sitting, and the small mass below her cloaca is curious. Any help would be appreciated!

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