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  1. PeggySueQ

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    Nov 13, 2009
    This morning one of my five hens vomitted. She was keeping to herself in the yard and then I watched her vomit up brownish fluid. When I put out their fresh fruit/veggies, she would not eat.
    Some background. My hens free-range in my backyard all day. They eat hen scratch, triple duty, pigeon feed (tiny amount) and chopped fruit/veggies (daily).
    About 10 days ago I went outside at dusk to lock up the coop and this hen was still hovering outside. When I urged her into the coop, she would not hop up onto the perches. She also was bumping into the walls! I took her inside into my indoor rehab coop. I tested her and she could see in the light. She also ate and drank up a storm.
    By the next morning she seemed fine. I put her back outside and she has cooped up and eaten with no problems since that time.
    One thing I noticed is that there are a few daphne berries on the ground (poisoning?)
    Also, another hen had some tapeworm segments in her droppings yesterday (parasites?)
    She was vaccinated for marek's. I felt up her gut and found no signs of obvious tumors or swelling. She is a large brahma.
    Any thoughts?
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    Apr 22, 2009
    Quote:I know that some berries can make birds stumble around and fly into things, maybe it could be that? Definitely get her some elecrtolytes since she threw up. Was there anything in her vomit or just brownish stuff? I am no expert but I hope this helps and that someone else will pip in with some help. I know with humans you can vomit up a tape worm so just throwing that out there.

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