Hen vs. Dog Tussle- How did your chickens fare?

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  1. JackInCT

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    Jun 14, 2011
    I guess it's the same story over and over, chicken versus dog. My four 5-month-old hens decided that five and a half acres, plus the 6 empty acres north of us and the endless acres of empty county land to the west, just wasn't enough room to roam and went through the woods to explore a neighbor's yard yesterday. A neighbor with a big beagle-lookin dog. The neighbor caught the dog pinning one of my hens to the ground, and there's a pile of her feathers in their yard but there wasn't any blood. The neighbor managed to chase her dog into her house, and my hen bolted. We finally found the chicken about two hours after the attack, and we brought her into the house.

    We can't determine whether her injuries are claw or tooth inflicted. I'm under the impression we'll be better off if it's not a bite. They don't look terribly deep but I didn't want to poke around too much. After putting a sock over her head, we rinsed the wound well with warm water (it had some dirt on it- goodness knows where she was for two hours), we did pour some hydrogen peroxide over it to disinfect and hopefully clear out any remaining dirt (sorry, babe), smeared a first aid antibiotic cream (like you'd put in a band-aid) over it liberally, and we're resting her in the bathroom. She is drinking and eating fine, seems mostly bored if a little less active than I'd maybe expect- though to be fair, she is in a strange place and she has that comfy blanket. I clipped some feathers back to try to keep them out of the area. We plan to wash it again tonight (when we're both home and can do it properly), maybe with saline?, and dress it with the antibiotic cream again. I will also go to the feed store today and buy some duramycin for her, administering it at 3/4 tsp per quart in her water as I found recommended in another thread.

    I'm very fond of my hen and I don't want to see her suffer in ways she doesn't need to...

    Two out of focus photos- didn't wanna flash the poor thing- of the hen, Rocky, here and here. The oozy white stuff is the antibiotic cream. This is my first flock; I've never dealt with chicken first aid, or really anyone's first aid of this nature, so I can't judge how bad or not bad it is. Opinions?

    I've been reading some old forum threads about chicken vs. dog encounters, and a lot of them sound much much worse than ours, but they rarely say how the chicken fared in the end.

    So my point I suppose: those of you who have seen this before, how did it end for your birds?

    (As an aside, I'll be spending tomorrow and this weekend building a chicken-tractor-esque run for my feathered friends. As much as I love having my noisy entourage peeking in my windows and serenading me while I garden, I won't risk another run-in with a dog.)
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    Sep 19, 2010
    Well the fact that she's alive is great and it sounds like you have taken the correct steps for her recovery, but I'm a novice/beginner with chickens. You have fared better than I did with dog vs. chicken--I had 6 killed by a dog. I would just continue to keep her isolated in a quiet room so she may recover in peace. Good luck and I hope she gets better. [​IMG]
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    To me it almost looks like a clump of feathers was ripped out & took the skin with it, or ripped the skin. She should heal up pretty well with what you've already done. I would keep her away from the others until it heals up some since it's quite noticeable & they may pick at it. Might wanna give her some electrolytes in her water, otherwise I think you're doing good.

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