hen w/loss of feathers on back of neck only

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    Jul 31, 2010
    I have four Orpingtons and one has her neck missing. Not bare but it looks like she's being pecked. Once in a while I hear a squack and a "chest bump"[​IMG] between two of them. What should I do????????????? I do not want to lose her. They have PLENTY OF ROOM to free range... 1/4 acre just for them so confinement is not a problem. Plenty of treats! She often spends time sleeping in her box at night so she is not being allowed to roost... I assume. Anything would be helpful. We are approaching winter here in PA so I'd like to get this nipped. Thank you!
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    How old are your girls?

    This year, a bunch of my year old and older hens.........lost the feathers around their necks and faces first for their molt. Could she be starting to molt?

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