Hen was injured and does not eat/drink/move


Sep 30, 2020
One of my chickens got attacked and injured on one cheek right below her peak, towards the neck. We’re not sure by what, but we are assuming it might have been a raccoon/possum/hawk or cat. It has been about 7 days since the incident. We quarantined her and had to start force feeding her because she was making zero attempts to move or eat. We also gave her vitamins/probiotics in her water.
She just stays wherever you put her and only moves her head but no attempt to get her own food.
Today we placed her back with the flock just to see how she acts. She stands and looks at them but does not follow them. She’s like a statue looking at her surroundings. We even tried to force her to walk by pushing her but she does not continue once we stop pushing her.
Is she going to get better? I understand she must be very stressed out after the incident. But it’s been way too many days and the the wound has been healing nicely. What else can we do for her? We searched for other injuries and she seems healthy. Just lost so much weight and we want her to try to eat/drink/move on her own.


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
Sorry about your chicken. I would not leave her with her flock, but she could have visits when you are present. They may attack her since she is not acting normal. Do you have a vet who could help? Post a couple of pictures of her is you can. You might want to learn how to tube feed her, since that is safer and more effective than force feeding. Can she stand up? She may have had a head injury. It is possible that she might get better with supportive care.

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