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Jun 7, 2007
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I have several 3 year old buff orpington hens. One of them periodically lays some sort of weird stuff. This happened today. It's an egg shaped and sized thing, it's the same light brown color as the buff orpington eggs, it has no shell, and it is the consistency of the white of a hard boiled egg. This has occurred about 3 times in the last 6 months or so. She hasn't laid eggs during this time I think. Has anyone heard of this or have any ideas what it is or why she does it? I'm not even sure who's doing this - it's one of two. One of them acts sick so I imagine it's her. I'd love to hear if anyone else has experienced this. Thank you.
Hi Chickmom!

It is probably a partial internal laying. Can you offer more calcium and protein? Like cat treats and eggshells or oyster shell? It could also be off cycle. You can stop the laying by putting the hen in a dark place with food and water and another hen for company oif you don't mind another one stopping laying.

Your namesake is laying eggs again.
Does you egg thing....sorta look like this?


This is caused by low calcium. Offer her oyster shell, free choice...or crushed egg shells. Mine prefer the egg shells over the oyster shell.
I have a geriatric hen that sometimes lays eggs with no shells. I leave oyster shell out free choice, but it still happens sometimes. I think her egg factory just misfires because of her age. However, in most birds it is a calcium deficiency. That's why it is so important to feed laying hens the appropriate feed. Free choice oyster shell may also help.
Thanks for your thoughts. No, this is not a shell-less egg, it doesn't look like that. Think about a hard boiled egg and the firm yet spongy sort of feel to the white - that's the kind of consistency of this thing. And cutting all through it, it's all the same so there is no yolk or anything runny. It's a weird thing. The chickens do have some egg shell to eat each day and have oyster shell free choice at all times. I'm not certain who is doing these things and there's maybe a couple of months between them so while I could try the darkened spot, it would probably need to be quite long term. I had an internal layer years ago and it was a horribly painful thing for her; I hope Luby doesn't suffer like Black Tail did.

Anyone else ever have the alien eggs like this? I should take a picture next time, it's just so darn ucky I want to get rid of it right away.
Yes, that is what it looks like and I will follow up with that info. Thanks very much. I'm afraid things are not good for poor little Luby (who I think must be doing it as she's very sick) but at least I can read about it and see if there is anything I can do to help her even for a while. Thanks for letting me know. And to everyone who responded to me.
I have had exactly the same thing, at the time they had been in the farmers field eating the corn he had just planted .
I was afraid that it was an effect on the chemicaly treated corn but for a while now eggs are back to normal, and no chickens are ill or dead .
I would be interessted to know what really caused it too.
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