Hen with 1.5 inch gash

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    Hello all from the frozen west central wisconsin. I went out today to add fresh bedding for my chickens and goonies (Gunieas), and one of my hens had a fresh 1.5 inch gash right above her left wing. I treated it with Blu-Coat, and another external antiseptic. I have a Rooster who was born in July and is very very ruff with the ladies, could this be a spur mark? He makes all the ladies cackle and then they attack him. I hope that I did the right thing as far as treating her. I also put her in a cage until the wound heals.[​IMG]

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    Yes you did the right thing.
    It should heal nicly as long as it's kept clean.
    It's most likly not the spur, but a toe nail from ruff breeding.
    Turkeys are horrible about cutting thier hens during breeding and this sounds like what has happened to you.
    They make saddles for turkeys to help prevent this, I dont know if they have ones small enough for chickens though?
    If you can catch him up, try to trim his toe nails and the spur too if he's that agressive. Just get the sharp tips, or he'll bleed a little.
    You can usually see where the quick is on the toes and spurs, just cut a little above that and your girls will love you for it.
    Good luck,

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