Hen with a sore throat - anything I can do to help?

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    My cochin is recovering very nicely from an RI that she has already been receiving antibiotics for. She is acting normal for the most part, all that remains of the illness is a slightly weird sounding voice. Tonight when I left her alone, she set to cackling an egg song-y cackle at full volume, crisp and clear! I rushed back in to quiet her down, worried the cat had gotten in the room. She just wanted attention. When I had to leave the room again two more times, every time the door closed, she set to cacophony at the top of her little lungs until I came back in and pet her. This is unusual behavior for her, and I've only had her cackle like that once before. Normally I wouldn't worry, because she is feeling much better. Now, however, her voice is terrible! Her poor throat must be so raw. She sounds like she's gargling a cup of toads.

    I managed to get her to take a couple drops of lemon juice from a dropper, then rolled a couple mealworms in a small dollop of honey and she went to town on them. I know the sugar isn't too great for chickens, but nothing soothes like honey does. A single pinkie nail sized drop shouldn't hurt a several pound chook. She has been snuggled up for the night and trying to purr from time to time so she's not distressed, but it doesn't come out right. It sounds very painful, and she seems a little frustrated whenever she tries. One purr at a time, then none for awhile, instead of the solid minutes of purrs she usually gets up to.

    Does anyone else have other suggestions? Have you dealt with a chicken who's accidentally screamed their throat raw? Maybe I should give her a little aspirin? I don't know what would interfere with her Tylan 50 injections, but if she's uncomfortable, I want to do all I can to help. The last thing I need is her going off food or water while she's still getting treated.
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