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Jan 23, 2018
We have a black australorp hen, no idea on her age. She first started showing these symptoms, coughing , sneezing, bubbly eye and blocked nare last November . Since then she's been treated with tylan50, duramycin, doxycycline and vet rx. She will get better while taking the antibiotics, then the symptoms return shortly after she's done with the meds. She still eats and drinks fine and is still laying. I was convinced she had MG, and we added denegard to their water monthly. Now I'm not so sure. It's always the right eye and nare, never the left. I wonder if she has debris in her nare that we are not getting out. Could something like that cause all her troubles ? And if so, how do we remove it safely? Thank in advance!
Can you actually see a blockage in her nostril? Those symptoms do sound like mycoplasma (MG,) and it is a chronic disease that tends to come back on them during cold spells and stress, such as molting. To clean a blocked nostril, you can use hydrogen peroxide on a QTip avoiding the eye, and let it set for a few minutes to soften. Then use an orange stick with a point to dig any feed or secretions out.
I honestly am not sure what is blocking it. At first we thought a piece of corn or scratch grain. Then we tried to remove it and it seemed like it was actual tissue? We tried iodine and that did no good. Another group suggested putting triple antibiotic ointment on it and that's the thing we have found that works best, but every time it seems like it's finally unplugged, it comes right back. Always in the right side nare. Sometimes she will also get a rattle going. This is the first bubbly eye she's had since December tho. The only vet in my area that sees poultry is clueless. None of the other chickens in the flock have the symptoms she has.
Thank you for the welcome! I haven't posted herw until now but I've read soo many posts here that have helped me with this particular hen. I love her so much.
This is her nare tonight .


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Poor thing. I would keep trying to clear open the nostril with the peroxide and a sharp object. Try getting some Tylan 50 injectable at your local feed store. Give 0.2 ml per pound 2-3 times a day for 5 days.
I have tylan50 and tylan200 on hand. Should I keep her in the house the 5 days? Thank you for your help!
Use the Tylan 50 for chickens. Tylan 200 is 4 times as concentrated, and better for larger poultry. If she is used to outside temperatures, I would try to keep her outside with her flock, possibly in a dog crate. Heat pads or heat lamps with a small watt bulb, such as a 60 watt can help if she is cold. If you keep her inside, watch for panting or raising her wings away from her body, which could mean that she is too hot. Also give her probiotics to help get her gut bacteria back to normal. Does your feed bag say it contains them? If not you can purchase probiotic packets at TSC and feedstores, or give a tsp of plain yogurt with cultures daily until a few days after antibiotics are finished.
Well, I brought her in today when her eye was bubbly. It's going to be in the mid 40s tomorrow, I have a large dog crate I can keep her inside the run in. Is the temperature change going to hurt her? Going from in the house to outside in the mid 40s?

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