Hen with "cheesy" mass in eye

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    I have a hen with an eye problem. She has a yellow "cheesy" like mass covering the eyeball. Upon first observance you would think it would be possible to clean out but it appears to be attached in some manner to the eyeball. Flushing with warm water and using a q-tip very gently to try to dislodge it does not seem to have any effect. It does not appear to be painful to her (doesn't like me trying to doctor it) but the both the upper and lower eyelid are slightly swollen although they don't appear to be involved in the area of this mass. The other eye is perfectly fine and the hen acts completely normal otherwise.

    I am using the Nitrofurizone eye powder in the eye but it doesn't seem to have any effect on it. I had this in one other hen some time back. Although the "cheesy" appearing mass finally cleared out she lost the vision in that eye. The other eye remains perfectly clear and fine so this doesn't appear to be a problem that effects both eyes at the same time. I hate for this hen to lose her sight in that eye but in all my reading I cannot find any info on what might be the root cause of the problem and therefore no information about what type of treatment might be effective. The few references I have found toward anything remotely resembling this problem have serious disease symptoms attached. This hen is not sick. I don't like using antibiotics without knowing that the medication I am using will be effective for the problem being treated.

    I would certainly welcome any ideas and thoughts on the problem and its' possible solution. Thanks.
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    When mine lost his eye I noticed a thick kinda hard white/yellow mass over the whole eye and into the socket. I put eye save in the eye to keep it soft and one day it popped out and the eye was gone. For me it was like almost a bandaid over the eye to protect it until it was clean enouge to be exposed.

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