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  1. My Blackstar hen, Sam, has been acting odd. She injured her lag a while ago. It healed up but she walks slowly and oddly. That's ok. But she has been sitting around looking sad with her tail down, which is odd since she is top of the pecking order. She will dirt bathe, and she is eating and drinking well. Her sister she has been raised with all her life (she is 4 years) just recently passed. For info on her sis go to: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/1099625/yucky-fleshy-thing-came-out-of-my-hens-butt#post_16919653 .
    She has been even more sad since her sis passed. She has not had any similar symtoms that her sis had. Thanks.

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    She may have leg sprain, or she could be suffering from an internal reproductive disorder as well. Some of these hens can waddle, walk upright, avoid walking far, and even suffer from arthritis. Avoid any high roosts. Chickens do seem to have friends that they have been raised with and prefer to other chickens. If she is still laying, I would check her for being egg bound. Worming your flock may also be something good to do.
  3. Yes her leg was sprained, I think she's just beginning to get over it. She sleeps in a 2-foot up nest box with her friends(they seem to sleep with her more ever since Carles died). Oh, ha-ha, the game old biddy stopped laying a long long time ago. She can walk, just very slowly. She "has no speed, just endurance". I will look into worming them. How can I check for athiritis? And is there a way to treat a "internal reproductive disorder"? I don't want to lose Sammy, too!

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