Hen with diarrhea, reluctant to eat or drink, sounds hoarse?


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I have a small backyard flock, the leader of which seems to be under the weather--I noticed her spending a lot of time indoors the past day or two, not laying, being much quieter than usual, signs of diarrhea (stuck to her feathers). Brought her inside last night, tried to give her a little bath to clean off her bottom...she wasn't too thrilled with that whole idea, but I cleaned her up.

She's not terribly interested in eating or drinking (I've gotten her to take a few sips of water and olive oil). And any noises she makes are quiet and almost make her sound like she's hoarse (it's not like she's trying to make noise and can't, she's just making soft noises).

Her poop is really watery--very white with some greenish stuff, plus it looks mucousy. I could attach a picture if that would help anyone... (There was one normal dropping in the cage right after I brought her in, but everything she dropped while she was sleeping last night was in the diarrhea category).

The other three girls seem fine, and this one isn't totally lethargic (she was rather indignant when I brought her indoors and put her in a cage last night), but I'm a little concerned.

My next plan is to run home from work today and dose her with Epson salts and maybe try to get her to eat some yogurt or something.

I'd appreciate your thoughts/advice!
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