hen with dislocated hip????anyone seen this before??


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Aug 3, 2008
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This is my first flock. One of my four 16wk old hens, Thumbelina, seems to have a dislocated hip. She has a very slight limp, a noticeable "bump" where her feathers are fluffed up on her left side, just to the left of her spine & right behind her wing tips. I'm not sure what this part is called, her saddle possibly? She also holds her tail to the right. She is eating, drinking, taking care of herself etc. She seems otherwise healthy. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but the fact that she's holding her tail to the side, makes me worry she's in pain. I picked her up to examine her and felt the bump. To me it feels just like the end of the thigh bone. Also, I can move her tail back in place so nothing is actually obstructing it or "holding" it to the side, other than her muscles. She has recently gotten in her tail feathers. Previously she looked almost round. She is the smallest of my hens, but not by a lot. I think she is also probably lowest in the pecking order. I've never noticed the other hens "picking" on her at all. She is also the most docile of the four. Any ideas of what this is and if there's anything I can do to help her? Thanks!
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We had a chick that had a limp, today she is over a year old and still has that limp when she walks , when she runs she will hop, she is a sex link and has produced many a egg for us, she is also one of the less skidish of our chickens.


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No, I wasn't able to put it back in before she was taken by a hawk...she also got Marek's.
I have no idea how it happened either. I tried popping it back in, but I didn't want to hurt her more...
I surely hope your baby has a better end.

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