Hen with droopy swollen wings

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    May 10, 2016
    Hello, perplexed and need help with my cochin hen Peppie. For several weeks now she has held her wings lower, kinda droopy. Upon closer inspection we found pus and scabs between the primary feathers. Both wings equally affected. I immediately took her to our vet (he is not an avaian vet, none nearby) and he was clueless. He said he had no idea what was wrong. He prescribed 5 days of baytril injections (.5cc once daily) and soaking every other day in warm epsom salts. Well, the profuse pus stopped, but there is still a crustyness that continues to accumulate between the quills on top of the primary feathers. The wings are swollen and now the lower parts are pink and less swollen, the upper wings skin is yellow and still quite meaty. She is great for me to soak her and acts pretty normal but clearly I still have a problem. I cant find anything anywhere describing anything similar and my vet said the same. I am concerned about infection or abscesses except that it is bilateral? Has anybody ever seen this before or have any advice what to do to return her wings to normalcy?
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    I don't have any answers for you. Do you have any roosters who may have done some damage to her feathers? Can you check her closely for any mites or lice around her vent, under wings and around the neck? Does she have any irritation any where else? Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease as a chick? If it is warm enough where you live, you could soak her in warm Epsom salts 1 TB per gallon per gallon of water,) or Hibiclens and water to help the lesions heal. Does she peck at her wings?

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