Hen with eggs/chicks


10 Years
May 18, 2009
I have a hen that hatched 4 almost 2 weeks ago. She is a banty cochin. I have her in a private enclosed area away from the others. She seems to be just sitting in her nest, doesn't get up much. The chicks are doing great. My question is......... with everyone on here talking about incubators, etc..... I thought it sounded fun so I went out and got myself one to play with. I ordered some eggs and also have been collecting some from my chickens. Since this hen is still sitting, could I possibly put a couple of the eggs I had shipped under her and would she hatch them? I know the variables with shipped eggs, fertile eggs, etc... but I am wondering if she would set them or leave the nest since she has chicks now? I was hoping to put some eggs in the incubator and some under a broody, none of my other hens seem to want to sit. Thanks!

Also, just got my shipped eggs a few minutes ago. How long to leave them settle before I put them under her?

Dirt Road

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Nov 9, 2008
Southern Idaho
I would let the new eggs settle overnite before putting in the incubator.

I really doubt the chicken would adopt new eggs to incubate. In fact I would be amazed. But I am constantly being amazed.


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