Hen With Eye Scratched -->Severe Eye Infection. graphic photos before & after --->Treatment worked!

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    We have a 5 month old pullet "One Eye Jackie" who was scratched in her eye by another pullet.

    The resulting eye infection almost killed her. I have graphic before and after photos. This eye injury and resulting infection has a happy ending and it might help other chickens who experience an eye injury (eye scratch eyc) that becomes a serious eye infection.

    We used the terramycin eye ointment directly in her eye twice a day for a month.

    We used the following water soluble antibiotics (tctrox9-hca) for about two weeks.

    I recommend that you wear gloves when treating such a eye infection case and we used qtips to gently remove debris from her eye every day. She would get feather pieces in her eye after preening herself.


    "One Eye Jackie" when the infection was at it's worst. It was amazing
    how fast the eye infection spread. Besides possibly causing lasting brain
    problems this infection could have killed her. We did not post the worst photo.


    "One Eye Jackie" getting better. Every day we would gently remove the
    yellow eye infection using a q-tip. It is a slow healing process.


    "One Eye Jackie" all well. She is blind in the eye but she does ok with one good eye/

    It took five weeks to heal the eye.
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    Wonderful results! Good for you. [​IMG]
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    This post has been very helpful to me. One of my new hens just had the same thing happen to her when I put the new group in with my old flock of two birds. Thanks for sharing the information. It was comforting to know what medication to use, how long the healing process takes, etc. When it happened I was in a panic. Your post gave me the moral support I needed to be able to help the hen.
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    Aug 12, 2013
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    what is tctrox9-hca?? I have a rooster with the same problem..
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    When an eye looks like that, many times it is from a respiratory sinus infection such as mycoplasma or coryza. Sometimes peck wounds or foreign bodies can cause similar infections. The oxytetracycline and Terramycin eye ointments are the same treatments for respiratory infection as used here. Glad to hear that you were able to get her better. Getting the pus out of the eye is very important to save the eye, but it can be a hard job.

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