Hen with feet sticking out & can't walk.

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    Oct 12, 2013
    I have a little California gray hen, she is 11 months old. For the past 6-7 days, she started getting "stiff" she couldn't walk well, and was sitting with her wings spread out. I ended up bringing her in, because she just got so much worse. She can't walk at all now. She would just sit, and now her feet go towards the front of her. I have her in the house now in a box with a comfy blanket. I have to feed and give her water while holding her, because she struggles to try to get up, and I am afraid she will drown herself. I tried soaking her feet and legs in warm water too thinking that the warm water would relax her legs. The next day (probably day 3) she had a bad day, she was tired out. I tried working her legs, and would hold her up and make her take some steps to stretch the legs. It really tired her out. The past 2 days, she is very alert, eating and drinking fine, she does try to get up, but she can't. I am trying to see that as a good sign, because before she never tried. I am also giving her liquid vitamins in her water in case she is lacking something, I also have another hen who is about 4 months old, who was showing the same symptoms. As soon as I noticed, I made her do a lot of walking around, and she snapped out of it. She is now 100% healthy. We have a lot of snow here, and lots of cold, so they stay pretty content to their coop. They have a large coop, and there is a total of 4 hens, and a large run that is enclosed so no wind or snow can get it. I also have a heat lamp. They have food and water at all times. I feed them a mixture chicken scratch of corn, sunflower seed and wheat grass. They just don't prefer to run around this time of year, and winter is so long here. She was still laying eggs until about 2 days ago as well. I tried feeling on her bottom, and legs for any swelling or if anything felt hot, but everything feels normal. She is her normal cheery self, she just can't walk [​IMG] I honestly do not think it is marek's disease, but, one can only hope. I do see that a chickens eyes change when they have marek's disease to a grey color. her eyes are very normal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marek's_disease

    I have high hopes for my little hen, she is a perfect chicken, and my 5 year old daughters best friend. The hen even waited for my daughter to get off the school bus. I really hate to see this get any worse. We don't want to lose her, she is apart of the family.

    Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? I really would just like to hear that she can snap out of it, being that she is acting so great and cheery.
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