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Aug 2, 2020
Ravenna, MI
Hello my fellow flock keepers!

I wish I was on here for better reasons. My hen had some foamy white stuff on her eye! I immediately picked her up and wiped it off. I am sorta new to raising chickens. Just had her sister hen pass away (probably from respiratory infection and lice). I am wondering if the foamy white on her eye is early signs of her getting a respiratory infection as well? What do you guys think it could be?



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Dec 29, 2014
I actually was just shopping online for baytril

I hope it arrives soon. search forum for dosage. I give 2 drops/1 kg of body weight. I prefer to syringe it as I don't know if they drink medicated water.

rinse her eye a few times a day. if you have some eye drops put 1 drop twice a day.

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Jul 19, 2016
Foamy eyes can be a symptom of respiratory disease, but also simply a sign of ocular irritation if the hen were to have gotten something dusty in her eye, or some sort of foreign object. Not all the times, but most respiratory diseases will cause several symptoms, not just the foamy eye, but sneezing, facial edema, coughing, nasal discharge , etc. If she's not showing any of those other symptoms, I would be inclined to think it's not a respiratory problem, but it can't be ruled out unless testing is done.

I would try flushing the eye with some saline, or eye wash for a few days, then applying an ophthalmic ointment such as Terramycin, and see if that helps. If it doesn't, you could try the Baytril, although it's banned for use in poultry, and it's suggested you don't eat the eggs from the hen ever again, although most people proceeded eating the eggs after a month or two. The dose for Baytril is 0.05ml per pound orally, twice a day, for no longer than five days. Tylosin and doxycycline can also be used.

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