Hen with "heavy" legs?


Jan 29, 2018
I have no other way to describe my hens behavior except she walks like she has cement in her legs. She is sluggish, but eating and drinking and when walking its like she is in quicksand. She even sounds heavy when she walks. She laid an egg the other day, but it was very thin shelled. No wheezing, sneezing or anything like that. We have other chickens as well and they are acting fine. She isn't leaving the coop at all either. They free range during the day and coop up at night. There are 16 of them in an 8x8 shed during the night. We feed ONLY GMO free organic layer pellets. Don't know what else to say...
I have not. But after some research maybe parasites, round or hook worms? We recently, (a week or so) have had a huge issue with starlings hanging around the coop. I think they found the feed so I am wondering if they haven't dropped some of their nastiness on the ground there and she is susceptible.
We have had starlings for years. I call them sky rats. Wild birds can bring in diseases but in general are more a nuisance than a real concern. My guess would be that something internal is going on with her. I never worm my birds, and for decades chickens have lived without worming. You could have a vet do a fecal check for worms.
I do fecals on my horses (i collect and read them and then deworm accordingly)but I have never had one done on the birds, nor have I ever wormed them. I was thinking it probably wouldn't hurt to do it once...esp with the invasive flying rats I have around!!!

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