Hen with injured foot and curled toes won't walk - I need some advice!

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    Jun 21, 2011

    I have never posted on any forum before but am hoping for some advice.

    Yesterday, our year-old White Leghorn hen "Lucky" somehow managed to get herself lodged between a building and a fence in our yard. It was 100 degrees here yesterday and she could have been stuck for 6+ hours before we discovered her missing last night. When we found her, she was upside down and lodged very tightly with one leg stuck in an awkward position (think child stuck in a well). My husband had to disasemble the building and get her out.

    She was weak when we rescued her and was very thristy and drank alot and then ate too. We have brought her indoors and she is staying in a small dog crate to recover. She has pooped normally, and even laid an egg today. She seems alert and happy but one of her legs is not working. The toes are curled up and she can't walk on it - it just drags along. I saw another post that showed a chicken that had healed from being snapped in a rat trap but that post only showed the healing foot, not what it looked like before. I can't see any obvious break, but there does seem to be a sore. We put antiobiotic ointment on it but now I don't know what to do. Should I try to open her foot and splint it that way? I don't want it to heal all curled up........ I have pictures, but since I am new, I guess I am not allowed to post them......

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    Without knowing if the foot is really broken or is just really sore ( torn inside, sprain, or just trama from hanging for so long)...it is hard to say what the best course of treatment should be.
    If it was me: I would make a warm bath with epsome salt in it and soak the injured area for 10-15 min.
    The Epsome salt will help draw out any infection and is a natural pain killer. The warm water will help increase blood flow and relax the muscles.
    Then dry her off really well, but ointment on any open areas.
    f the toes are curled under, I would open them up and either try to wrap them in an open position with VET WRAP or if that does not work: Cut a tiny piece of card boar(the size of the bottom of her foot).... then secure with VET Wrap, gauze or band aid.

    Giver her some scrambled eggs with buttermilk as a treat for a few days and put electrolytes with vitamins in her water for a few days too....This will help give her immune system the boost that it needs to recover.

    Best Wishes,

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