Hen with laceration on head/neck


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Sep 13, 2014
Our rooster was a little too aggressive with one of our hens. He tore the back of her neck open, a zigzag laceration. We cleaned it out and put neosporin on it a couple days ago and put her in her own little coop to heal. Looked good yesterday so we put her back in the large coop last nigjt. I went out today and her neck is tore open again. Any ideas what to do for her injury and her safety?


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Nov 27, 2015
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You can keep putting her in at night because they can't see in the dark, but in the morning if she has blood on her they will attack her. Take her out early in the morning so they don't attack her. You can keep her separate until she heals fully and keep putting her in at night so they don't forget about her and attack her when she is fully healed and introduced in the daylight. Watch them for a while to make sure they don't peck it open again. We had a problem with a hen and they fought after she had been introduced, so make sure if they do fight she doesn't break it open again.


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You can spray the laceration with BluKote after it has started to close, and they should leave it alone. You may want to cage her in the coop or in your house for a day or so until it closes. Vetericyn is also good, but the blue gentian violet is good to hide wounds. You might want to dull the rooster's comb with a file somewhat so that he doesn't hurt others.

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