Hen with spurs????

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    Apr 14, 2009
    I have 3 blue andolusian hens. they are about 1 year old now and we get white eggs from them every day now. But.................
    one of them has always been a bit different, it is much smaller than the others and has very noticable spurs and the head and neck feathers are a bit darker than the other 2 and her comb is nothing special. it does not have large tail feathers. My DH says that he hears strange crows from time to time, but I have not heard these wierd rooster calls.

    although it seems that I will get 3 white eggs in a day....so the math tells me she is laying.

    is she a freak or can hens have spurs?
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    Yes some hens do get spurs and some hens even crow, I have one, she acts more like a roo now adays. She dont lay alot of eggs and when she does they are NOT fertile. I dont know her breed or age. She started to crow after she raised some chicks, the flock wouldnt take her back into the flock, she stayed up on the roost all day, would come down in the evening when I left the others out to run, then she started acting more roo then I caught her crowing.
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    It is perfectly normal for hens to grow spurs. Ask anyone who raises standard game chickens or leghorns. It has nothing to do with there gender just a gene that is not bred for or for out so it shows up every now and again. Its very very very common in alot of breeds. Now the crowing part not so common. I have heard of this in games also.
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