Hen with spurs????


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6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
Southeastern Idaho
I bought a couple of one year old BA hens from a neighbor and they've been doing well. But today for the first time I noticed that one of the hens has a set of spurs! I've looked at pictures of BA roos and they don't look like my "hen", nor does this "hen" display any roo qualities -- crowing, breeding, etc. This I think is an actual hen, but I've never seen spurs like this on a hen. These are not just buds or dull appendages -- these are like 1 1/2 inches long and it looks like a big long thorn.

Can anyone give me any feedback? This is my first time owning BA's, so maybe it's a breed thing? Searched for it in the forums and didn't run across anything like this.


10 Years
Nov 5, 2009
Central Florida
Yeah, definitely not something exclusive to BAs. None of my BA hens have them, but I have a buff bantam cross hen with spurs. They aren't as long as yours, but definitely more than any of my other hens.

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